Common Questions and Answers

When can I see the venue? 

Venue showings are by appointment only. Please call Venue Director  

at  770-625-6780 or email us at

Will the date I inquire about be held for me? 

We only hold dates for contracts that are out for review. If you request a contract, it will be emailed to you for review and this will hold the venue for three (3) days. At the end of the three (3) days, a signed contract and reservation fee is required or the date will be released back to the public. 

How do I book a date? 

In order to book a date, we require a reservation fee of $500 and a signed contract. 

Can you mail me a packet of information?

Sorry. We do not have packets of information. Hopefully, you will find all the basic information on this website. You can contact the booking office at 770-625-6780 if you have booking/contract questions.

Do you have a diagram of the venue? Or dimensions of the venue?

Absolutely. Check out our floor plans here

Is my deposit refundable? 

Yes.  The reservation deposit is credited toward your total balance and the damage deposit is refunded as long as there is no damage or additional cleaning to the premises after the event. 

What does the fee cover? 

The rental secures the building and lawn area for an all-day event OR a six (6) hour event, inclusive of deliveries, set-up, and breakdown times. Additional hours may be purchased at a rate of $300/hr for an event lasting longer than six (6) hours unless an all-day rental has been secured. The building will be open for the bride/clients use at the reservation time specified on the day of the wedding/event. 

  • A one (1) hour rehearsal period on a pre-arranged date and time
  • 124 chairs
  • 1 bar
  • Bridal room on site

Should you need the room to be flipped it is a $150.00 additional fee. After your event, you are to ensure there is a proper removal of all items- clean up fee is an additional $150.00. Email at for questions or concerns! 

What does the fee not cover? 

The fee does not include the following:

  • catering/bar service
  • officiant * We offer an officiant service starting at $250.00 
  • floral arrangements
  • musicians
  • photographer
  • wedding director/planner *We offer exclusive rates for wedding planning services starting at $1,250.00, to learn more speak with Venue Director
  • printed materials
  • tables 
  • officiant stand
  • arbor and other miscellaneous wedding decor
  • speakers, microphone or audio visual equipment
  • linens
  • aisle runner
  • tent

 For these items and services, see our recommended vendors page!

*NOTE  couples are responsible for obtaining a South Carolina marriage license prior to their wedding ceremony. There is a 24-hour waiting period before a license can be picked up. If both the bride and the groom are nonresidents of South Carolina, they must apply for a license in the county where the marriage is to be performed. South Carolina residents may apply in any county. Please call Charleston County Probate Court located in the Judicial Center, Suite 469, 100 Broad Street, in Charleston, SC at 843-958-5183 to receive the most complete and up to date information.

Can I bring in outside catering or bar services? 

For a list of locally recommended food caterers check out our vendors page! We do require a licensed bartender for any alcohol served and exclusively work with Direct My Bar.

Do you have or require a coordinator? 

We do provide a day of licensed event planner the day of your event. We highly recommend the use of a coordinator and offer wedding planning services starting at $1,250.00

Will you be here the day of my event? 

Someone will be there to provide access to the building at the noted reservation time. You are welcome to call the property manager if you have any questions during your time there. 

How early can the florist arrive to decorate?

The florist can arrive when the reservation begins. 

When must the flowers and other decorations be removed? 

By the end of the reservation. 

Is there a room for the bride and/or bride's attendants to change? 

Yes, there is a holding room with an attached bathroom.  Should you prefer a more intimate bridal suite setting we highly recommend The Inn At I'On, Ascend Hotel Collection, which is just a 2 minute walk from the venue.

Can I bring my things in the day before my event?

No items can be stored in our venue prior to the day of the event. All décor and vendor equipment MUST also be taken on the night of the event. 

Can we have a rehearsal at the venue the day before our event? 

One (1) hour rehearsal is included in the fee. The rehearsal is scheduled at a pre-arranged date and time that does not conflict with other events. 

Can flower petals, birdseed, bubbles or rice be used inside or outside the venue? 

Birdseed,  confetti, rice, and any non biodegradable materials are not permitted. We also do not permit open flame candles and sparklers. Bubbles are fine and flower petals may be used, provided they are removed at the end of the event or the $150.00 clean up fee will be applied. 

Are the facilities handicap accessible?

I'On Chapel has exterior ramps into the building and all restrooms are ADA compliant. 

Is parking available? 

Parking is available adjacent to the I'On Chapel and within the I'On Square commercial area and in limited designated parking spaces in front of the commercial buildings in the Square.

How do I get to I'On Chapel?

It’s easy! Follow our driving directions! To learn more about the charming community of I'On click here!

Is there an area for a reception? 

Yes. For smaller parties, the building can accommodate a ceremony and reception. The lawn can also accommodate a tent for a reception or an outside wedding venue. The tent rental is your responsibility.  

Is there a stove or oven at I'On Chapel?

No, but we do have a small kitchen/holding area with a preparation sink generally used by catering staff. 

Do we need to clean the building after our event? 

Yes, we ask that all trash be removed to the trash bins and dumpster on site, swept clean, and remove all your belongings. You are not required to mop or clean the bathrooms.

Is smoking allowed inside the building? 

No, please no smoking inside or on premises or your deposit will be lost. 

Is there Wifi in the building?

No we do not have Wifi.